Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gluttony 101: aka Texas Roadhouse

So, last night was the ACTUAL birthday, and six of us went
to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Daron's 36th birthday.
We've got Daron, Elisa, Sherri, Mr. Terry, Eva, and Eric.
Normally, Daron and I try to eat pretty decent, and count points,
but Texas Roadhouse is NOT conducive to that.
But what the heck, it's a birthday, right?

Daron got some good loot: a Target giftcard from the Hahn's,
a Blockbuster giftcard from Mr. Terry, and a JAR-O-MONEY
thanks to me and Sherri!! (Daron is trying his hardest to save up $$
for a new kayak, and he's sooooo close he can almost smell the plastic!
But seriously, a $1000 for a plastic boat? I just can't imagine what
high quality plastic that must be...but anyway... a whole 'nother story)

Quite possibly, the highlight of the evening might have been when Mr. Terry bolted out of his chair and grabbed the nearest waitress to swing dance. For those of you unfamiliar with Texas Roadhouse, about once an hour the waitstaff all gather together to do a line dance down the middle of the restaurant. Apparently overcome by a moment of impulsiveness, Mr. Terry decides it's time to deploy the Terry Tornado. After finishing the swing dance, he launches into what I can only describe as an "I've got ants in my pants" full body heave. It happened so quickly, I only had time to snap one shot. Check out the look on the waitress's face. Priceless.

Yep, we can pretty much NEVER go back there..... :)


Shelly said... can you blog and not tell me about it??? It's okay, I found it anyway! glad you've joined the ranks! Oh yeah, and jealous of your H&M trip. It just opened today here, so can't wait to get down there!

cat said...

Hey Elisa!! You are so smart and funny how can you not have fabulous stuff to blog about?