Monday, July 7, 2008

A Jaunt to DC

So last Thursday, Daron and I decide that we want to get away for the weekend. We are fortunate to live in Raleigh, where we are literally two hours from the beach, two hours from the mountains, etc. Washington DC is about 4 hours away, and neither of us had been to visit in a while. (Well, if you count the nightmarish night we had to spend in the DC airport sleeping on the floor, then we were just there last fall...) ANYWAY, a three day weekend seeing the sights was a much needed getaway. We even took my best buddy Sherri, (who just happens to be Daron's sister)...
We saw all of the monuments, the Natural History Museum, the Art Museum (my favorite!), the National Zoo, Arlington Cemetary, and shopped at H&M! I hate to admit that that was a highlight, but it really was... :) My brother John has expressed an interest in seeing DC, so we are looking forward to doing that with him and Shelly and Lucy.

At the World War 2 Memorial

Van Gogh's Self Portrait

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