Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've been trying to distract myself by working on Jack's nursery. It's been a weird project, because the control freak part of me wants everything to be perfect and lovely when the little man moves in, but the superstitious/jinxed/jaded side of me is afraid to do too much. Hence, nursery limbo land, where everything is chosen and purchased, but not entirely assembled. Reality: with less than 18 weeks to go, it's time to get moving! Plus, with the added incentive of Jack's entire biological family now following the blog, there's additional reason to deliver- Gotta keep these lovely people convinced that the Barnes casa (and NC in general) will be an awesome place for a boy to thrive and grow! A janky nursery would make this a much harder sell.

For the decorating scheme, I was really stuck. For a girl it would have been so much easier- there is soooo much cute girl stuff out there. Boys are a little trickier. I know I'm going to offend someone deeply when I say this, but I really loathe the whole firetrucks/sailboats/blue theme that seems to be so common with boys rooms. Yes, you want it to be distinctly boyish, but the whole blue thing is so overdone. And probably the whole reason it's overdone, is because there aren't a lot of choices out there for boys. Look at me. The smug expert on nurseries all the sudden.

What I did choose ended up being a theme I'm completely used to. You'll see what I mean below:

Woodland creatures. Soothing earth tones. I'm totally cool with this. The collection is called "Tree Tops," by Carters. I've since chosen a complementary fabric and recovered the cushions on the glider, and lined the laundry basket I bought. Yes, little things to be sure, but enough to keep me distracted from all the things I have no control over.

No, there's nothing to be alarmed about. Things continue to go well, and Kelli has good days and bad days. This pregnancy hasn't been an easy one for her, so I try to root her on from the sidelines. I know she's doing the hardest part, and that's a weird feeling to reconcile. That feeling that there's diddly I can do to help her out. She's a good kid. I hate watching her struggle.

Anyyyyyway. I hope you like the woodland creatures. I think they are adorable, and a good way to get Jack prepped for all the time he will spend in the woods with his dad and grandpa. I apologize for the glossy, staged photo. As soon as we make a little more progress (still need to paint! arrgh!) I'll post the finished product. Now that I'm the expert on baby nurseries, and how not to get them done in a timely manner, please feel free to contact me anytime for fabulous ideas!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Here we go again!

Hope you have a strong stomach, because adoption is a rollercoaster!! I'm excited, and scared, and nervous, and happy, and relieved to be writing this post again: A baby boy coming in March!! The superstitious part of me has been postponing this moment for as long as I can, but I'm about the point where I'm going to burst if I don't tell someone. You're all going to shoot me when I tell you that we've actually known since August, but I know you'll forgive us considering the fiasco that was last April.

First of all, let me tell you that we are working with a wonderful birthmother. Her name is Kelli, and out of respect for her privacy, we won't be sharing much more than that. Her story is tough and intensely personal, and if the situation were reversed, I wouldn't want my struggles spoken about so casually. Kelli is the 6th birthmother that we've worked with, and from the moment she contacted us (the day after my birthday!) we knew that she was different from the others. It just seemed more comfortable and natural than all the others. We have an easy relationship, and are in contact almost every day.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this journey so far has been my recent visit to her state to spend a few days with her, and be present at her 21 week ultrasound visit! Daron was gracious enough to stay home so it could be a real "girls weekend." We shopped, we ate, we talked about the future. I was also lucky enough to be able to spend an evening with the birthfather's family, and really get to know their story. Perhaps the most wonderful realization of this visit: this isn't a story about an unwanted child- this is a child that is wanted by everyone, and loved enough to be let go. That thought humbles me more than you know. So many people could (and want to) step up and keep this child, but Heavenly Father must have known how much WE need him.

His name is going to be Jack, and the middle name is still up for discussion. If you humorously submit to us names like "Rabbit," "Daniels," or "Hammer," you're putting your shower invitation in jeopardy. Consider yourself warned!!

Please keep our family and Kelli in your prayers. She needs love and support, especially in the next couple of months. I already feel guilty for being so happy, when she is going through such a trial. I'm sure extra prayers for her peace and comfort couldn't hurt.

Now the cat's out of the bag, we will keep you posted!

Love to you all,