Monday, September 8, 2008

Birthday Trip to Texas!

I think surprises are the best- as long as they are not the bad kind, like flat tires and broken air conditioning. But surprises like flying to Austin to visit my parents and family are really great! A couple of weeks before my birthday, I decided to surprise my parents with a visit. My sister Catherine was in on it, and picked me up at the airport. We drove to my parents house, and I hid under a blanket in the back of her minivan. When Catherine told Dad that he needed to get a "box" out of the back, I about scared him to death! The next surprise was later that night, when we drove back to the airport again to pick up my sister-in-law, Shelly, and her daughter Lucy. I think it really meant a lot to my parents that she would come out to visit, even without my brother. We had a blast, just relaxing, visiting, shopping, and even a trip to Sea World! It was also great to see Catherine, Jared, and the kids, especially my new niece Maj-Lis.

Lucy, making new friends with baby Maj-Lis...... and eating her favorite- peas!

The boys playing with dad, and me holding my newest niece, Maj-Lis. What a sweet baby!

The girls having fun at Sea World. And Shamu!

Grandpa and Lucy spending some quality time together..

And finally, the phenomenon known as "Smiley Mylie"......and "Crabby Patty!"

What a great trip! I can't wait until we go back for Christmas. Besides, the kids always have more fun when Uncle Daron is there anyway....


Kim and Ken Carlile said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like fun. I was in Texas too, El Paso, but we did drive through Las Cruces (I had to fly into Albuqurque..I know that is spelled SO wrong!) I'm glad you could have a visit.

Suebee said...

I love your blog. Hope to see you soon.

Eva said...

YOU have been tagged...go to my blog to find out more....come will be fun!