Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nursery Update #3

Week 32. Eight weeks to go. Or less, if you are a betting woman like myself. I'm going to go on record as saying that Kelli won't make it all 40 weeks. More like 38ish. After many contractions, and recently flunking her glucose tolerance test, I'm betting that Jack is going to find his way out early, one way or another. Wait until he finds out how cold it is in Iowa right now, and he'll be wishing he stayed another month or two!

In the meantime, we are making progress finishing up various projects around the house. We've successfully cleaned out the office, and just yesterday I got the mural up on Jack's wall. Daron asked why we needed a mural, and I tried to explain the concept of whimsical and fun. Odd, because Daron is the most "fun" person I know. How could he not get the mural? If it had been a 7 foot Death Star, I might have been speaking his language. Clearly the area I was NOT speaking his language was the hip/inspirational vinyl quote I had ordered to put on one of the walls, which was promptly vetoed as "weird" because babies can't read. Yes, but moms who are up at 3am feeding babies can read, and would have pondered that quote in the wee hours of the morning. I shall have to settle for being less hip, and less inspired.

So here's the room as of yesterday:

We are about 99% finished. Just a couple little details like a changing pad and wipes, diapers, lotions, etc. I'm sure that with the showers coming up, those things will appear in abundance. For those of you that are curious, the tree was ordered off of , and was fairly reasonable. Just search for "vinyl art." It applies to just about any surface and peels off easily when you're tired of it. I say fairly reasonable, because when I weighed the benefit of easy vinyl vs. my embarrassingly childlike painting skills, it seemed more than reasonable to me.

I fully expect in about 5 years to be tearfully peeling this lovely tree off the wall in favor of a 7 foot Death Star. But until then, I'm going to enjoy this sweet room, and sweet baby, and savor every little minute. Quote or no quote.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nursery Update

So a big thanks to my BFF Sherri, for not only showing up to paint, but bringing much needed beverages from the Sheetz. And yes, I'm going to apologize to my friend Christy in advance- because as you so perceptively noticed once, there does indeed seem to be a Sheetz cup strategically placed in an alarming number of our family photos.

So as you can see, the "before" photos are shockingly so. I had always hesitated to do anything too drastic to this room, until I got a feel for the person moving into it. We had never even painted this room, and we've owned this house almost 8 years! So yeah, neglected. Or maybe postponed. I like that word better. This room has served as a storage room, a craft room, a guest room, a dump-it-till-later room. You name it, it's been there. I'm proud to say that this room has reached it's final destination, and I couldn't be happier about it!

There are still a few final touches that I will work on in the next few weeks (artwork, etc), but I think we accomplished a lot for one Saturday.

10 weeks, and our new tenant will move in!

P.S. Blogging from the IPad- still totally awesome....


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beard rebellion

So Congrats everyone. You get to witness Elisa's first foray into mobile blogging via IPad. Awesome? Yes. And it will become ever more awesome when my mobile Apple keyboard arrives in a few days. These types of expenditures are not only allowed, they are encouraged when you're a serious blogger. At least that's the position I will take with the Hubs when the bill comes.

So check out Daron's one and only rebellion is his rather obedient, vanilla flavored existence:

No, its not a muskrat. Its a beard. And a full, majestic one at that. In spite of his mothers withering look every time she saw it, he continued to nurture it and love it. He would stroke it and talk to it, and the girls at work even named it Bruce. Did I love it? Not really. But I saw it for the experiment that it was, and for his need to try it just once. My only stipulation was that it disappear before Jack arrives, and that it not be present for any major photo-op events.

Turns out a new calling in the bishopric necessitated it's immediate and hasty removal. Daron will insist that it was time for a fresh start anyway, but the end result is the same- That baby face that I love is back, and is infinitely more smoochable.

Some progression photos for your enjoyment:

I call this one "Creepy Lynyrd Skynryd Roadie"

This one is Elvis... He was alive and well in our bathroom that night- if only for a moment.

I'm told by my friend Jenny that I'm lucky. Her husband Levi will wear his beard de-evolutions for several days each. Phew. That's a level of ridiculousness that I hadn't even considered.

The inspiration for all this beard rebellion? A long forgotten family show from the 70's called "Grizzly Adams." If you ask, Daron will even sing the theme song for you. Or see the video below....

Cheers everyone!

Posted by Elisa using her awesome IPad