Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Me?

Jack must think were complete clowns. Hopefully the fun lovable kind, not the scary Steven King kind. Someone asked Daron the other day if fatherhood was going to turn him into a fuddy-duddy. "Heck no! If anything, now I have a prop!" Some unexpected things I've discovered in the last month:
1. A new kind of tired that I didn't know existed.
2. Along with that new kind of tired, the inability to sleep deeply anymore. I'm always listening for that cry in the back of my consciousness.
3. People treat you better when you have a cute baby. Cashiers, waiters, even the customer service counter at Target! They've never once been nice to me before!
4. Instant friends. Other baby-toting individuals will go out of their way to ask about your baby, how old he is, etc.
5. That motherhood will stretch you in ways you didn't expect, and you don't even mind. One word: suppository!

I thought I had a little more time before being thrown into that particular experience, but these days nothing goes according to plan.
A couple of my new favorite things:
1. Watching Jack sleep- I could do it for hours. If only he would do it for hours.. Which he doesn't. Hence, the new kind of tired.
2. Listening to Daron and Jack's heart-to-heart talks over the baby monitor.
3. Baby jammies. There's nothing cuter than a baby in pajamas. Especially after you've slicked them up in Baby Magic!
4. Jack's wide-eyed gaze when you're feeding him in the middle of the night. Like he is studying you intensely. I'd love to know what he's thinking.
5. Finally feeling like I have a family! Sure, we were a family before, but these days we feel far more complete....


Kasey Q said...

I just have to tell you I am enjoying your posts so much. You and Daron are doing a GREAT job. I am still so thrilled for you. Parenthood fits you so well. Love to the entire Barnes family!

Sofia L said...

I love #5 and agree 100%. It's an interesting feeling when you're willing to do so much for someone so little.

Laura Crenshaw Chabo said...

I'm so excited for you guys!! I also love your observations about motherhood. Very true! And don't worry. I will NEVER leave you comments about my kids sleeping through the night, because none of them ever did till they were over a year. And since we've had them so frequently, I haven't slept since 2003. I, for one, hope your induction into the sleepless parent club is short lived. And if not, after a few years you honestly do get use to it. :) LOVE you guys!!

Christy said...

Love your posts Elisa! I am enjoying keeping up with the Barnes!!!

Kelli DenBeste said...

It makes me so happy to see that he is well taken care of and loved so much. Keep up the good work. I love all three of you!

Gail said...

That is a CUTE baby. Congratulations!

Yeah, people go nuts for a cute baby in public places. I don't know why they didn't fuss over Eric and Danny as much, but with Sammy, the first time we walked through a store and not a single person stopped to worship him (around six months) he cried in bewildered withdrawal, and I kept flipping him over and checking him out, like "What? Is he broken...?"

The sleeping does get better eventually. It's a good thing you're taking lots of pictures and making blog posts, because you probably won't remember much of this a year from now. It all becomes this vague, sleep-deprived blur...