Monday, April 4, 2011

Bellies and baths

What a great weekend! My mom and youngest sister flew out from Austin for a few days to spend time with Jack. Oh yeah, and maybe a little time with me and Daron. We shopped, ate Carolina Barbecue, and went to Shuckers for seafood. Grandma got to give Jack a bath, which right now is most conveniently done in my shallow bathroom sink:

Aunt Catherine did the dressing:

Jack really loves getting a bath, and all these lovely ladies are more than willing to oblige him. Add in that smell of freshly applied Baby Magic, and it's a recipe for heaven. In the last couple days, Jack has turned into a marathon eater. He will pound 4 to 6 ozs at a time, and be ready to do it again two hours later. I have yet to figure out where all this milk is going, but I think I have an idea:
Jack is already outgrowing some of his newborn outfits, which makes me sad. We moved up from Newborn diapers to size 1, and those skinny little chicken legs are filling out nicely!
Yes, I know bottle-propping is bad. Yes, I know the bottle is empty. The bottle is ALWAYS empty it seems... We are slowly settling into a new routine with Jack around, and I find myself getting a little melancholy every time he reaches a new milestone. Is that normal? I want him to stay small so I can savor it longer. MUCH much longer. I feel like even though it's only been a month, I'll never get that first month back. I'm excited to see him grow and develop his personality, but this frantic pace of growing and changing has got to stop! I'm just going to have to turn into one of those weird, hovering mom's that document every little thing.
Man, I love this kid. Sleep deprivation may have clouded my judgement, but I think he might be the best thing ever.


Nic said...

Motherhood suits you WELL! :) He is so very beautiful!:)

BeckyCrutch said...

So very normal!!! I can remember crying uncontrollably when Megan was 5 days old because I felt like my time with her was so short!! "She's already five days old!!"" Boohoo! I remember that overwhelming feeling!! - Becky

John Huffman said...

Can't wait to take him huntin'

Heather said...

definitely the best thing ever and YES, very normal. #3 and still I am thinking sloow down mister! They grow so amazingly fast -- so enjoy every minute and yes, document!! ;) :D He's GORGEOUS. I want to blow raspberries on that belly.

Katie C. said...

Yup, I always want my kids to slow down when they're little. But then I want them to hurry up right around potty training time. :o) You're doing awesome though. And that belly? So cute!! (And I love the new blog decs)

Gail said... have family in Austin. What ward/stake are they in? We're in the Leander ward/Round Rock stake.