Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Some people like to kayak. Some people like to fish. What happens when you combine the two? May I present for you viewing pleasure, the inaugural sailing of Daron's new kayak. Correction: Fishing Kayak. Kayaks are for tourists and tree-hugging adventurists. Fishing Kayaks are for the outdoorsman who isn't content to just torment the fish from the bank.

Ok, yes. I know you're looking at the remants of river muck on the bottom, and cursing me for lying to you. Truth is, I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed for the inaugural sailing, so pics of the SECOND inaugural sailing will have to suffice. Anyone else notice Daron's need to model the life preserver? I know we live close to the river, but the odds of our neighborhood flooding are precisely zero. However, should the heaven's open and pour nature's fury upon us, Daron will have the good fortune to be bouyant in the comfort of his own driveway. The neighbors have already deemed us the "weirdos that don't mow," and this isn't likely to improve our standing.

On a lighter note, let me reminisce for a moment. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Daron's birthday at the Texas Roadhouse, where he was presented with his "Cough It Up For The Kayak" money jar. See how far we've come?

See Daron? I told you if you were a good boy, and saved your money you could really buy the plastic boat with your very own money. And surely you'll appreciate it more than if I had just bought it for you... Ahh people, there's a lesson here. After 30+ years, the boats are still plastic, and the thrill of a new toy just as sweet. Just exponentially more expensive.


Andrea said...

From one "wierdo who doesn't mow" to another - it must be in the genes... I love keeping up with you this way!

Sarah's blog... and I guess our newlywed blog that I update like twice a year. said...

Oh my gosh. This post made me laugh so hard. Love the new layout, by the way!