Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Its always at this time of year that I start to think of fresh starts, and things that I'm grateful for. Always at the top of my list seems to be my family. I know everyone says that, but I really do like these people! They are all so smart and funny, and I'm better for having them in my life. I'm also one of the lucky few that can say they love their husband's family as much as their own. Twice the blessings, and twice the love (and fun) to go around.

This year was the year for Huffman Family Christmas in Texas. We all converged on my Mom and Dad's house outside of Austin for a week of fun, and a level of mischief only Huffman's could achieve. Our family seems to grow each year. Babies continue to appear out of nowhere, and our numbers have now swelled to 19. How did a modest family of six have it's own population explosion? How I love these trips, when I get to snuggle the little ones, and savor all the little moments that I miss all year long. I also get to reconnect with my brother and sisters, and relive all the funny inside jokes from childhood. I often wonder if our spouses think we are crazy? (A little shout-out to Daron, Tod, Shelly, and Jared- these people were either brave or crazy enough to marry in to this madness, and truly are our better halves!) Only in our family can we have a heated political discussion, and transition with lightspeed into jokes and hysterical laughter. Often, and almost assuredly at someone's expense. "Growing up Huffman," as Rebecca calls it, has given us all thicker skin! I marvel at what different directions and places our lives have taken us, and our uncanny ability to resume the threads of our previous lives together with no conscious thought whatsoever. Thanks to my family for making this a great Christmas for me, and reminding me of what's important in my life.


Suebee said...

What a beautiful baby! Daron looks so cute holding her too.

Sarah's blog... and I guess our newlywed blog that I update like twice a year. said...

I love how you write a really beautiful post about your family and then put that goofy picture of Daron on there.