Monday, December 1, 2008

Gone Country

I'm posting these pictures to let you know that Team Barnes has gone country! Ok, truth be told, half of Team Barnes has always been country, but the other half? I guess after 10 years of living in NC, I've embraced certain aspects of country living. Like the fact that you can ride around with your dog in the back of the truck. Or you can pull into the Sheetz towing your 4-wheeler, and nobody even notices the fact that it's loaded with deer-corn. I had to take a picture of this: between the 4-wheeler/deer corn, the hound dog in the back, and Grizzly Adams sucking down a 44- I think I stumbled on to a redneck trifecta. Oh how I love North Carolina!


Lisa said... if it takes 10 years...than I have 4 left! How did these southern boys manage to get us SW girls?!?!?!

Rabideau Family said...

these pictures are priceless.

Suebee said...

Don't try to fight it, eventually it will pull you under.