Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008 - Ten Fabulous Memories

1. Daron and "Esmerelda" (Anna's alternate personality) singing great made-up songs together... These two share an amazingly loose grip on reality that allows them such imaginative play.

2. One of my most fabulous gifts- Three new casserole dishes, and nowhere to store them. I remember when we moved into this house, I thought, "This kitchen is ENORMOUS!" Yeah, it's really not. Just bigger than the apartment kitchens I was used to.

3. Look closely- this is actually a scuffle in progress. Competition rears it's ugly head, as Hudson feels Tanner might have ripped more paper than he should have off of their "joint gift." All in all, watching kids open presents was such a highlight. I miss the pure unadulterated joy of opening presents with reckless abandon, and clinging to the hope that if you were REALLY good, Santa would deliver the goods...

4. Skipper opening his present from Aunt Sherri. Imagine his disappointment when he discovers that not only does his gift NOT contain anything squeaky or edible, but is actually a "Pedi-Paws." The only thing that this dog hates worse than unregulated squirrels in the backyard, is having his nails done. Just like a boy.

5. Uncle Jared- Every kid needs an uncle like Uncle Jared. Only a good sport like him would tote around a pack of wild, Nerf-gun toting hooligans around the backyard on a John Deere mower. Now this isn't just any John Deere mower- notice the absence of any grass on the property? This mower was procured by Grampy primarily for the entertainment of the Nerf-gun toting crowd mentioned above.

6. Tanner, Hudson, and Waste Management- To Tanner's delight, Santa brought him a garbage truck. He is fascinated by all things garbage and/or recycling. He even dressed up as a garbage man for Halloween. Jared and Catherine need to check and see if BYU has a Waste Management degree. It's got management in the title, that's respectable, right?

7. Lucy and Maj-lis: there's nothing better than growing up with cousins. I wouldn't know this personally, but I can imagine how much fun it would be. Getting reaquainted with these two little ladies was wonderful. They both have very laidback personalities, and hardly cried the whole week. Throw in that sweet baby smell right after their baths, and it was pure heaven.

8. Lindner Girls and Bubble Baths: Emma, Anna, and Leah threw caution to the wind, and decided to test the limits of Grandma's whirlpool tub. Lucy would have joined in, but was deemed "too short" to participate. Notice how all the bubbles are magically contained in the tub? Fast forward 10 minutes, and it was a completely different story. And mom thought we were washing all those towels because people were using them...

9. Grandma hit one out of the park when she purchased these two hoodie/vest combinations for Aaron and Josh. Normally a clothes purchase for an 11 and 9 year old is a risky gift move, only reserved for the really uncool, and out of touch gift giver. But Grandma must know something we don't- because these vests and hoodies were approved of whole-heartedly, and worn almost immediately. Good one, Grandma!!

10. The best gift of all. As mom put it so eloquently, "looking down the pew at church, and seeing what has come to pass over the last 35 years.." Couldn't have said it better. I love this picture.

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