Friday, November 20, 2009

No such thing as a free lunch

Poor long suffering Daron. For many years now, he’s borne the brunt of the many jokes levied against Team Barnes, and done so with relative grace and dignity. So in the spirit of Daron’s contributions, I submit to you one more humorous photo at his expense.

Working at a busy GYN practice, we often have drug reps and various other riffraff lobby for our business. Prescribe Yaz! Loestrin24 is better! Can we bring you lunch??!! Normally I would object to this sort of blatant buying-of-my-affection, but the lure of free Cheesecake Factory is too strong. Everyone has a price, and mine happens to be bowtie pasta, and keylime cheesecake. Oh, yeah, I totally stick them for dessert too. This works out well, because the portions are nice and large. Most of the ladies eat theirs two days in a row, but not me. This is my ticket to NOT fixing dinner that night!! Whoo Hooo!! Daron graciously eats what’s put in front of him, and nary a complaint. Everyone wins, right???

So what is it about a teensy little biohazard emblem that gets people so upset? It’s just a bag. There really isn’t any biohazard in there. I promise. You would think after 5 years of biohazard doggie bags, Daron would be used to this? Judging by the picture, I guess not.

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