Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!

Today is the day when we recognize the tremendous sacrifice of all of our veterans, past present and future. Freedom isn't free, and these men and women know that more than anyone. They leave their homes and loved ones, and travel to the ends of the earth to serve their fellow man.

My favorite veteran is my dad. He served a few years in the Navy, but spent his entire career as a civilian working for the Army at White Sands Missile Range. Those of you that know my dad, know that he's had the same military crew-cut since he was 11 years old. My friends used to affectionately call him "the colonel" because of his intimidating demeanor, and way of scaring potential suitors off with one stern look. Only the very best and brightest boys dated his daughters. Even then, only the very cream of that crop got to marry them! My dad is still a patriot, frequently donning his Navy uniform, and serving as part of the honor guard at Veterans funerals. I'm sure he considers it his great honor and privilege to do so.

Dad, we love you and sure are proud of you!! Thanks for instilling in us our love of God and country, and the respect for those that make our many freedoms possible.

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