Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Global Warming? ...Naaa, it's just the Barnes Family

Global warming has a devastating effect on marine life. But global warming is nothing compared to the crimes against nature that were committed at Shucker's Oyster Bar last night. The Barnes family descended on aforementioned oyster bar, and proceeded to decimate entire populations of shrimp, crabs, oysters, and calamari. (If there's a mini-corndog population out there, then the Barnes boys probably took care of that one as well...)
Daron and I had our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday, and the whole family helped us celebrate. People were surprised that we would have our entire family come eat dinner with us, but I think it's oddly appropriate. These are the people (along with MY family) that I will be spending eternity with, so I better like hanging out with them. When I married Daron, I married into the whole Barnes experience, and all the madness and calamity that comes with it. Needless to say, it's been the best (and most fun) 7 years of my whole life.

Let's get back to my favorite part: CRAB LEGS. I spend the better part of yesterday dreaming of crab legs, and waffling back and forth- should I get 1 lb? 1.5lbs? Start with two orders of .5lbs? Ask for another .5lb if I still have room? These are the important questions you MUST have ironed out ahead of time. Plus, I've got to support my boys on the Northwestern, so that they will continue to provide me many more seasons of Deadliest Catch entertainment.

If you don't think that I'm serious, this IS a photo of the Northwestern from one of my trips to Seattle. Yes, I saw it in person. And YES, it was awesome.

Ok, let's get back to the reason for this post. Our anniversary. We're not big on public displays, or general shmoopyness. But I will say this: Daron has made me laugh every single day of the last 7 years. He's my best friend, and the first one I want to tell everything to. Thanks for picking me out of a crowd of very lovely girls. As my old hairdresser "Big Rose" used to say... "you gotta take a CHANCE on love!" We sure did, and man did we hit the jackpot!


The Lindners said...

The thing about the crablegs is, there is so much waste. I'm thinking a few pounds would have been ideal! Sig and the boys probably touched them! Happy Anniversary to two of my very vavorite people in the world! Maybe you could see fit to share some of that eternity with us? I can make you laugh too! Who's got crablegs?

Kim and Ken Carlile said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Number 7!! Here's to many more.

ANd I love Shuckers!

Stewart Family Blog said...

I'm jealous!!! Last year our left coast crab season was a washout and we are severely chippino deprived :-(...
Will there be crab legs in eternity? Yum...now I'm interested in going.
Sounds like a yummy way to celebrate a 7th anniversary- congratulations!!!