Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mullis Family Reunion

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to travel as a family to Taylorsville, NC for the Mullis Family Reunion. Daron’s dad grew up in this mountain town, and a lot of his extended family on his mother’s side never left. It was a good chance to meet a lot of really nice people, and have a LOT of food. It was really beautiful up there, and the reunion was held across the street from the Baptist church where a lot of the family is buried. We strolled through the cemetery, and it didn’t escape my notice that there were only about 7 names in the whole cemetery. When families grow up and never leave, there tends to be some mingling of the bloodlines. Not that there’s anything bad about that, but it must make doing genealogy a nightmare. Just something that I’d never thought of before. We didn’t know many people, but Daron’s parents had a ball showing off the assorted grandchildren, and “oh yeah, this is my son/daughter Sherri/Daron/Randy.” Little known fact: Adult children are not as brag-worthy as beautiful grandchildren.

Even better was taking a ride through the hills with Daron’s dad, and him showing us all the places he used to play and fish, and get into mischief.
Strolling through the cemetery...
The house where Grady was born.
It's amazing that it's been sitting there undisturbed for all these years.


Sofia Lung said...

I would love to go shopping with you but I can't buy anything =( we're trying to collect as much free stuff as possible, so far we have nothing haha but I think it's b/c I don't want baby stuff sitting around haha. Awesome pics from the family reunion

Heather McKeon said...

I love the house where he was born. You should buy it and restore it! ...hmmm can you tell that my mom has been living with me and watches HGTV all day??