Sunday, June 28, 2009


Read this super sweet email from my brother in law Jared, to his family- I was really touched that he would do this for us:

Hey there family. This is an email to enlist your help. Next weekend we are taking part in a fast for Catherine's sister and Brother in law. They are trying to adopt and have been on the LDS family services waiting list for 6 months. They live in Raleigh North Carolina and will make awesome parents. They really are great people. Anyway, I just thought I would spread the word that if you know of any mother wanting to give up her baby, Daron and Elisa would make great parents. They are open to White or Asian, boy or girl. If you would like to see them they have a blog for birth mothers and anyone else interested: Anyway, I hope all is well, and thanks for taking the time to read this email.

Take care, Jared

P.S. Feel free to forward this to any other family members or persons you feel inspired to send it too. Thanks again.

Now I'm terrified. Not to expand the search, but because I just realized that my last post was of Daron clutching his stomach outside of the decrepit toilet. Not exactly what you want your family's extended family seeing first.

Here's a plea of my own:

Dear Jared's family,

PLEASE READ FURTHER, AND DON'T LET THAT ONE POST PAINT TOO MUCH OF A PICTURE. We're really not that bad, I promise. (inject big sigh by author)

Love, The Barnes Family


Heather McKeon said...

Dear Jared's family,
It's true Daron and Elisa are awesome! You should just think of the post with Daron clutching his stomach in a decrepit toilet as proof of what a great sense of humor they have. And as everyone knows you really need a sense of humor to be good parents. And sometimes (unfortunately) especially when it come to the bathroom.

Catherine said...

I have told members of Jared's family about my amazing sister and brother-in-law with the hillarious sense of humor. I've actually told them to read posts of yours before. They can appreciate that kind of thing! You will seriously make two of the best parents EVER!

Julia Deaver said...

Catherine told me tonight to read your blog... and I am so glad I did. We are praying for you and Daren and if I was not nursing right now, I would totally be fasting with all of you this weekend (I will in spirit!) You are going to be a wonderful mother, I have no doubt about that! I will have to keep reading your blog to catch up on what happens next!