Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two Handsome Boys

This might be my favorite picture yet- of my two boys!

Ok, funny story about the pictures below- (keep in mind, people that don't have children post about their pets. It's ok, we're allowed! You can comment on how pathetic we are behind our backs!) Anyway, so last Tuesday it was time for Skipper's regular 6 month Lube/Oil/Filter at the vet. He typically loves going anywhere in a car, but has this psychic sixth-doggie-sense when it comes to vehicle rides that result in a vet visit. Ok, so somehow he knew, and he barked THE ENTIRE way to the vet. Which isn't bad, except at stoplights, people were looking at me funny. Probably trying to figure out what the dressed up professional type looking woman is doing driving a truck with a redneck dog carrier, and an obviously distressed hound dog in the back. So we make it to the vet, and all is well. Except I didn't tell you the ironic part- on the way to the vet, I switch on 96.1 to drown out the canine cacophony in the back, and what's playing? Yep, Ozzy Osbourne's "Bark at the Moon." You can't make that stuff up.


Catherine said...

Daron, you are wasting away--you look so skinny! Little dog-you are as cute as ever. Keep on howling! Elisa loves that kind of stuff.

Rabideau Family said...

Haha... we talk about our cats like they are children, so I totally know what you mean.

You are hysterical, by the way! Your blog made me laugh so hard!