Monday, March 7, 2011

Two Kids.. Day Six

Still waiting patiently. The doctor made his daily visit a little while ago, and has declared Kelli to be at 2 cm, and 50% effaced. The daily request to "get this kid out of me" was categorically denied, and we will proceed tomorrow as planned. They will start a Pitosin drip in the morning, and see where the day takes us.
Last night we spent a fun evening over at Jesse's parents house,with the whole family over. I realize that I don't mention Jesse very much, but that's more out of respect for his privacy than anything. He's been very involved these last months, and getting to know both of Jacks birthparents has been so valuable. We love them both, and look forward to an ongoing friendship with them, as well as the rest of the family. We know a lot of adoptive couples don't have this great of an experience with their birth family, so we know how blessed we are.
Right now I'm getting ready to wheel Kelli down to the gift shop for a change of scenery. After 8 days in the room, she's getting pretty squirrelly.
I'll let you know more later if anything changes today..


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