Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beard rebellion

So Congrats everyone. You get to witness Elisa's first foray into mobile blogging via IPad. Awesome? Yes. And it will become ever more awesome when my mobile Apple keyboard arrives in a few days. These types of expenditures are not only allowed, they are encouraged when you're a serious blogger. At least that's the position I will take with the Hubs when the bill comes.

So check out Daron's one and only rebellion is his rather obedient, vanilla flavored existence:

No, its not a muskrat. Its a beard. And a full, majestic one at that. In spite of his mothers withering look every time she saw it, he continued to nurture it and love it. He would stroke it and talk to it, and the girls at work even named it Bruce. Did I love it? Not really. But I saw it for the experiment that it was, and for his need to try it just once. My only stipulation was that it disappear before Jack arrives, and that it not be present for any major photo-op events.

Turns out a new calling in the bishopric necessitated it's immediate and hasty removal. Daron will insist that it was time for a fresh start anyway, but the end result is the same- That baby face that I love is back, and is infinitely more smoochable.

Some progression photos for your enjoyment:

I call this one "Creepy Lynyrd Skynryd Roadie"

This one is Elvis... He was alive and well in our bathroom that night- if only for a moment.

I'm told by my friend Jenny that I'm lucky. Her husband Levi will wear his beard de-evolutions for several days each. Phew. That's a level of ridiculousness that I hadn't even considered.

The inspiration for all this beard rebellion? A long forgotten family show from the 70's called "Grizzly Adams." If you ask, Daron will even sing the theme song for you. Or see the video below....

Cheers everyone!

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Sofia L said...

the keyboard will be a necessity when you go pick up ur baby. I want at least one post a day with pictures or a story. I'm sure I'm not the only one that is going to be sitting here wondering how everything is going.

Jenny said...

Hey (This is Levi BTM) I don't like you girls talking about me while crafting your crafty creations. My beard is magnificent and it will spawn an awesome mustache come May!!!

Katie C. said...

I thought he actually looked good in the beard, but I don't like them as a general rule. Mostly I don't like them on Jeff as a general rule. He looks like a weird backwoodsman from a creepy 70's horror movie. P.S. NEW BISHOPRIC??????!!!!!????

Three Little Brown Kids said...

I'm a clean shaven fan - glad he had reason to take it off!

Suebee said...

The beard, whatever, but the word Bishopric kept tripping me up. Tell DKB to expect a phone call.