Friday, January 1, 2010


Yeah yeah. I know I haven't blogged in a month. I know that I should be blogging about Christmas, and New Years, and my parents visit in early December... and there's still plenty of time for that. I still have two days of vacation left, and anything is possible. In the meantime, let me introduce you to the newest member of Team Barnes:

Yep, she really is as adorable as you think she is. Stella's arrival at the Barnes Casa came as a surprise to me too. A couple of days before Christmas, I started getting "prepped" for her arrival:


Daron: "A girl at work has baby hamsters."

Elisa: "Awesome. What do you want for dinner tonight?
Because I was thinking about....."


Daron: "Hey these hamsters are really kinda cute. There's a grey one,
and a.."

Elisa: "Really, a hamster? What are we, Nine years old? Do we
really want a hamster? Are you feeling me out for a tentative hamster

Daron: "Nooooo, no, no. I'm just saying they are pretty cute."

So fast forward to Wednesday evening, when one Daron Barnes comes through the door with a small cardboard box in hand, and a guilty 9-year-old look on his face. I open the box, and the sweetest little hamster face looks up at me. (Side note: I'm such a sucker for animals, it's not even funny. In fact, I have to turn the channel whenever the ASPCA commercial comes on, with all those sad little dogs and cats. The only thing that keeps me from running a Pekingese rescue, is my love of a paycheck, and inability to buy high-end handbags and shoes on said shelter salary. Which is none. Ok, that, and the husband has a big problem with turning his garage into fully functioning kennel.) Suffice it to say that I loved her immediately, just as Daron knew I would. A trip to PetsMart, and $45 later, my FREE hamster was set up in her new swank pad. Not ever having had a hamster growing up, I had to educate myself quickly and thoroughly on hamster care. The quick glance I had at the hamsters-for-dummies pamphlet at the petstore should do the trick.

ANYWAY. You probably have a couple questions. So here we go-

1. Why Stella? What kind of name is that for a hamster? Well, why not. Besides, you have no idea how much entertainment has been derived so far by hollering "STELLLAAAAAA" in your best Marlon Brando voice. (Go google 'Streetcar Named Desire' if you don't get the reference. And you might want to watch more Turner Classic Movies. I'm just saying.)

2. Why a hamster? Why now? Oh heck. I don't know. I keep asking for another puppy, and I suppose this is Daron's way of buying some more time. Because there's one thing we know about women who can't/don't have children, and that's that they fill their lives and homes with pets until a. their spouse leaves them, or b. News14 shows up on their doorstep because the neighbors are complaining about the meowing/barking, and the overwhelming smells of Meowmix/Alpo when the wind is just right. Don't worry, I'm not there yet.

3. What about the dog? Perhaps the best question yet. Having a dog bred for rodent management presents an interesting conundrum. Presently, Stella resides upstairs, and Skip downstairs. Since the dog is not allowed upstairs, we are reasonably confident in Stella's survival rate in the upstairs office. I suspect that subconsciously, we were craving the adventure that only a predator/prey pet relationship could provide.

For those of you keeping track, Team Barnes now consists of the two humans, one dog, four fish, and one sweet little hamster. Hopefully 2010 will be the year we add another human! Wish us luck!!


Anonymous said...

We had a hamster named sweetie and my mom bawled like a baby when she died. She even called me on the phone to tell me about it. I love hamsters, they are so sweet and cute. And so is Stella, which by the way, I totally get the reference and am cracking up thinking about you guys screaming "STELLLLLA" all the time. :)

Heather said...

Wow, that is a little sweetie face!! :D Love the name too!

Sarah said...

soo cute!

just dont squeeze her too hard. thats how my hamster died when i was in 8th grade. it was traumatic.

i'm crossing my fingers for another human member of team barnes, too!! we pray for you every night!

Kim and Ken Carlile said...

She is very cute.

Catherine said...

So first of all---do you really need one more thing in your home to promote comedic references to? Next---this means no more heartless comments about the demise of Chitter, Also--as cute as she is, this new member of team Barnes bares a striking resemblence to something Daron plucked out of Sheri's curtains. In your own word's "I'm just saying."

Catherine said...

Okay, so that last comment was pretty rude. I love you sis! Welcome to the family my new little furry rodent niece!

Heather McKeon said...

First Stella is adorable! And second I have to say that since this woman who can't/doesn't have children can not fill her house with pets due to allergies, she has filled it with her family instead. So in addition to me and Mark, McKeon home now consists of 2 brothers, 1 sister-in-law and 1 niece...