Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creepy? Sad? Or Both?

Sometimes there’s nothing sadder than realizing that things get old, wear out, or outlive their usefulness. The only thing sadder than realizing this, is refusing to accept it.

Case in Point: Rick Springfield. Icon of my youth. Major crush of mine spanning 4th – 6th grade. (4th grade was when Andy Gibb was unceremoniously dethroned, and Rick took his place. Andy was gracious, of course, but then again, 10 year olds are fickle. Come on, “Jessie’s Girl?” Andy couldn’t compete with that.) My parents are reading this right now, and thinking, “I had no idea she had a thing for these people…??” Yeah, that’s why they’re called SECRET CRUSHES. No one needs to know, certainly not parents. Parents could only use that kind of information against you, so needless to say, I held my cards close. Mom and Dad, I trust you far more now. Does that help?

Ok, so fast forward 25 years. Time hasn’t been kind to Rick, and that makes me sad. Not that he’s gotten old, but that he just keeps on truckin’, and clearly under bad management.
Sometimes it’s ok to retire, and enjoy your sunset years. I’m begging you Rick, please retire before you ruin all happy childhood memories for me! Before I can’t get the seared-in image of your creepy too-tight facelift, and man eyeliner out of my head. 60 year olds don’t rock, (notable and obvious exception: David Gilmour of Pink Floyd) so please stop embarrassing yourself. Take a page out of Mark Harmon’s book, and become a silver fox! No eyeliner necessary. Besides, I’m fairly sure if Mark Harmon saw you wearing eyeliner, he would take you down. Just out of principle.


Velvet said...

Well, Mark Harmon is not quite yet 60, but an obvious exception as to being sexy too. ^^ The Silver fox is sexy for me.

Heather said...


Heather McKeon said...

He is very ridiculous. But sadly he thinks he rocks - secretly I saw him a few years ago and his "big move" is playing the guitar with a dozen roses. So you see - he was always creepy - you were just 10 and didn't know any better. Jessie's Girl aside any rock star whose big move is playing the guitar with roses is just cheesy. The end.

The Lindners said...

I am SO in agreement. Now my kids can't play Jessie's Girl on Guitar Hero without the waxed eyebrows coming back to mine. You're right. Even the aliens from "V" look more human!