Monday, September 14, 2009


So after leaving my house about 9 hours ago, I'm no closer to Seattle than when I started. I'm in lovely Saugus, Massachusetts (slums of Boston) after an airline debacle of epic and Xanax worthy porportions. Here's the day in numbers:

Hours sat on Raleigh runway: 1.5
Runways operating at Boston airport: 1
Connections missed: 1
Number of gate agents spoken to in Boston: 16
Number of helpful gate agents: 0
Terminals directed and redirected to: 3
Pairs of sensible traveling shoes worn: 0
Pairs of cute, non-sensible shoes worn: 1
Hurt Feet: 2
Bag missing: 1
Hotel paid for with my hard earned $$ because delay was deemed "non-mechanical"... :1
Hours spent at overpriced hotel before 4am shuttle comes to retrieve me: 6
Chance of me flying with a Boston connection again: ZERO!!!
Chance of this ruining my excellent Seattle vacation: ZERO!!

That is, unless they fail to locate my bag. Then I'm totally screwed..... :(


Stewart Family Blog said...

Over the years I have spent some really miserable times at Logan Airport (and in the connecting tunnels), but mostly in the Winter.

You have now earned the coveted Summer version of Misery at Logan Award :-).

Seriously, I commiserate with you :-(... hopefully the return tip will be smoother sailing...
Cheers, Uncle Phil

Eva said...

HAve fun in Seattle though.
Throw a fish for me!

Sherri said...

I wondered, after getting that first text about closed runways and sitting in planes on runways, if the shoe choice would play a part in the day... as I fondly recalled running through the airport to make connections on my trip to Seattle... Hummm... maybe the issue is Seattle not Boston... Good luck in your journey today!

Sarah said...

wow. i am so sorry!

Catherine said...

Doesn't it make this sad turn of events all worth it that you could blog from the new ipod touch? That monstrosity does have internet, right?
Love ya sister!